Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Give Away

Hi everyone, this will be my first give away. I will be giving away one of these keychains here on my blog. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here. The deadline is 10/12/2008. You can still enter on the 12th. If you're one of my youtube friends leave me your youtube name in the comments section. Good luck!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Esty Shop Update

Hey everyone I have five pieces that I will have ready and up for sale in a couple of days, they're all crafts except for one painting done on wood that I love very much because it's about a character based on me. It's just so special to me because she's a little part of me. I'll give you a sneak peak at the painting tomorrow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Sister's Blog

My sister just recently started a blog. If you like poetry you should go for a visit. They a little on the depressing side but they're interesting. http://emptysoulz.blogspot.com/


Interesting fact, this is the picture that I used for my self portrait. That's the only time I wore those earrings; just for this picture. I thought I looked too "cholita" lol that just wasn't and isn't my style.

Decorative Crafts

Here's some things that I'm considering putting up for sale in etsy. If I do decide to do it, I'll let you know.

Weekly Updates

I am going to try to update this blog weekly. Maybe that will get me in the mood to create more. I will put pictures of what I do. I want to stick with this commitment.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last of my works.

Fan Art
Vampire Princess Miyu

Wind Goddess Zypher
Done during math class. I guess I was bored.

Wind Goddess Zephyr Colored

Aztec Goddess Xochiquetzal

Even More Works

Fan Art
Ryoko; my favorite anime character of all time.

Another fan art of Ryoko

Watercolor Self Portrait on watercolor paper.

Zombie version of me. Oh the sign in the back says "Slow zombies" I forget what else it says.

Art class project.

Red Hair (unfinished)

More Works

Elf Girl

Fan art of an anime character. Don't remember her name.

Japanese Girl

I got a picture of a japanese girl off the internet. I just got the picture because I just liked how she looked. It's done on scratch board. It's so time consuming. Class project.

Los Payasos

(José Clemente Orozco)

Redone by me in colored pencil on illustration board. Part of art class project.

Puppet Master

(free art class project)

Old Works

Here are some projects I did in high school. I was in high school 2000-2004 so these are a bit old.

Aztec dancers unfinished as you can see.

Blind Faith
(A lot of symbolism here, religion is in the middle, man is like a cross. In the clouds is love. Another form of blind faith)
I just made this for the blue hair.

We were asked in our art class to make something that represented ourselfelves. So this is what I came up that represented me at the time. I felt that I couldn't escape and people were just trying to take me into the unknown. Teenage angts lol. The black wasn't originally on there, got on there when I scanned my project. It's just a big mouth.

Afghan man cries when he sees his house destroyed when the U.S. started the attacks in Afghanistan. I saw this in a newspaper and I new it was a perfect opportunity for me to draw this emotion. I cried when I saw this picture. You see that other head there, well that's his son that he was holding in his arms. I didn't do a good job on the son but the father was copied very well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I haven't posted anything for a long time because I haven't been feeling up to it. Especially right now that a lot has been happening lately in my life. I have also been thinking about how I could make my page more viewer friendly you know. I'm not sure if anyone even reads what I write. I want to interact with other people that share the same interests as I do. What should I do? Any tips out there?