Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update Anatomicals

I finally took a picture of the finished neck muscle study. Check out the picture in the original post. Update

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anatomical Series

Here is what I have been working on in my drawing class. The skeleton was drawn from an actual human skeleton. I thought it was neat that we had an opportunity to do it from a real human skeleton.


Three skulls different views.

I had a bit of a hard time starting this drawing. I started with the skull at the bottom right. It is a bit awkward. I was frustrated with the skull and was not looking forward to  drawing two more skulls.  Well I was so frustrated that I turned around the skull I was working and and drew the back view because as I told another classmate "I was tired of looking at his face!". My professor let me get away with it because she liked the shading. I was re-energized after not looking at the face of the skull for a brief period that I was actually happy about doing the last and final skull.
Muscle study. Incomplete.
This guy is harder than he looks. I had to start over on a different paper which was really frustrating. I kept at it though. I have hardly any shading done. I will update it when I complete it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still Life Painting Number 1

So first off I have to say I was not excited about this assignment at all. I was not into it. We had to do 3 diferent sketches and pick one that we thought worked best. The requirements were to include three to five objects and arrange them in an interesting way.

I would have rather just focused on one object than do three. I was so negative about this painting but you know what as I invested more and more time in it it started to grow on me. I learned a lot from this experience, even though you don't like something at first it can turn out completely different from what you expected. What I like about paint is that if something doesn't turn out how you expected you can paint over it and start again. I do like that the acrylics don't take that long to dry. I am very impatient and I believe if the drying time was longer I would not be able to stop myself from painting over things and possibly messing up the painting.

I had this notion that I wanted to do a little more with the background. I didn't want the background to sort of just be in the background. I think it also deserves to be eye catching. I tried to use compliments like my professor said and I think that worked. I was too afraid to use pure color like he suggested but I think taking baby steps will lead me to take bigger risks.

I am new to painting and I'm exploring and trying to learn as much as I can. Keeping an open mind about ideas and suggestions is very important. I try to be that way but sometimes I just nod and go along with something even though I don't think something is a good idea. We all seem to have our ideas and are not willing to budge when people give us tips. Sometimes I'm this way but I just have to remember that in order for me to learn I have to be open and ask questions.

I don't like how I can't get close to true color when I take my pictures. I have to learn to take better pictures of my paintings. The head color is pale here compared to the actual painting.
This is my third painting for the class. I have not finished the second one, I want to post it when it's done. So I went ahead and shared this one since I finished it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

First Painting Update

Ok I took pictures of my painting finished. These pictures are not very good pictures. The light was just not agreeing with me. I took them in various ways to try to fix this problem but I don't think that was achieved. The colors were not translated to the photographs very well. I will post them all.

I also noticed that it got scuff marks or something in the transportation process. I will have to be more careful in the future. Any one have any suggestions on what I can do to protect my painting surface?

Here's the link to the page. I will post the pictures on that post.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Painting Finished

I finished my first painting for class this week I will get a posting up of it sometime this week as I am busy with school work. The assignment was to get a picture and use one set of complimentary colors. My colors were blue and orange. We were allowed to tint and share which means we were able to add white or black to our colors. At first I thought this was going to be difficult because I never painted much but I have always wanted to. I ran into a few dilemmas but I loved how I was making decisions from moment to moment and I experimented with my brush stokes, color, watered down acrylics vs. not using water with the acrylics, waiting for the paint to dry longer vs. not waiting too long before I started applying more paint. It was all a fun process.

Here is the image I took from a Time magazine.

This is the painting before I completed it. As soon as I can I will take a picture of the completed painting.

Have a great night everyone.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun Group Drawing Assignment

My drawing teacher gave us a fun and interesting drawing assignment. It was to be completed in class. She went around and gave each one of us a square. We were to draw what was on the square to scale on a much bigger paper. Some things you couldn't even tell what they were and others you could. We ended up doing two different ones and here are the results.

My drawing is the last one on the right at the bottom row. It is interesting to see how it all came together. This one is my favorite of the two.

This second one was more interesting. It did not fit well together as the other one did. We all wondered why it was. The first one was a painting and this one was a picture of two people a man and a woman from a magazine. We seemed to have a harder time on this one for some reason. My drawing on this one is on the second to bottom row the last drawing on the right(5th drawing from the left) if that makes more sense.

It was fun and even better to see everything come together to reveal the big picture which we did not know how it looked beforehand.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Painting and Drawing Classes

This semester I am taking a painting and a drawing class. I was intimidated at first about the painting class because I've done little of it. I went to class today and after sitting there listening to the syllabus I was put at ease. It did not seem as intimidating as I had previously thought.

I like the first out of class assignment that we have for my drawing class. We have to do twenty drawings with the same theme. Now I just have to think of what exactly I want to draw. I think this is a fun assignment and I am planning on documenting my progress with that. When I get my first one done I will post it here.