Friday, November 28, 2008

Laying in Bed

Hi everyone it turns out that I didn't have time to take any pictures of the turkey.
Instead I have chosen to post a picture of myself laying in bed. Lol it may be a little pg13 since you can see some curves but that's only because I took the picture myself. Don't stare at it too much because I don't have any make up on. I know some people will probably ask "if you don't want us to look at it then why put it up?" I'll tell you why, because I want to let go a bit and not be worried about people seeing me without makeup.

I went to Michael's today because I thought there wouldn't be many people there. I was so wrong. The store was so packed and it never is. I hate when there is so many people around because I just don't like to bump into people, like I did today. I went to get a few supplies because I'm doing a little something for of course I'm going to show everyone who reads this blog what I make him so be on the look out for that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Making Pumpkin Pie 101

I love pumpkin pie!

First you have to make your dough or you can buy it. I make it myself. Then you roll it out and lay it in your pie pan. Then you make whatever decorative edge you want.

You mix your dry ingredients together in a small bowl. In a larger bowl you beat the eggs. Then you add and stir in your pumpkin and dry ingredient. Then you add your evaporated milk.

After you're done mixing everything then you pour it into your uncooked pie shell.
You put your pie in the oven put the timer on and wait for your pie to be done. You have to test it off the center and if the knife is clean then it's cooked. You have to let it rest and firm up for at least 2 hours before you eat it. This is what it looked like.

If I can I'll show you a picture of the turkey I cooked. I have to spend some time at my inlaws so I don't know if I'll have time to show you. I always split time on the holidays. Meaning I spend half the time at my parents and the other half at my inlaws the same day. Sometimes it is tiring but we have to be fair and spend equal amount of time at both places you know.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I just thought I would show you a new sign of mine.

This is a welcome sign that can be put outside of your home or where ever you would like. I painted the wood with a sponge to get a nice effect. The word is wood burned and so are the two hearts and the flowers. I painted the flowers and the hearts.

I like how the ribbon that I chose contrasts a lot yet it seems like it fits well with the sign.

The sign is small so it doesn't take much space. It is approximately 3 inches by 5 inches.

Lately I've been thinking about doing custom signs. For example if someone wants their name on a sign or someone else's name it can be done. Or some saying, things like that you know. You could also chose the colors or any little designs that you would like. I wonder if that would be a good idea. Should I do it?

Have and excellent day everyone ^_^

Jeweled Butterfly

Here's another thing I've been working on. I love how this turned out because it's so sparkly. It's beautiful. I painted the wood buttefly dark purple first, front and back. Then I painted the wood dowel lilac and finally the top a bright pink. I hand glued each jewel, man it's time consuming, with a hot glue gun. The bigger clear acrylic jewels are 6mm in size and the small colored jewels are 4.5mm in size. I really enjoyed working on this so much. Do you see where I added the eyes? I think it gives it a bit of character don't you.

There are about 122 4.5mm jewels on this butterfly give and take a ny I might have missed or counted over. There are about 151 6.5mm jewels. Give or take any miscounting I might have made.

There are two holes in the back so you can hang this on the wall.

I showed you a different view of the butterfly so you can see it in a different way and of course so you can see the dowel I talking about.

Have and excellent day everyone ^_^

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is one of the signs that I have been working on. I finished this some days ago. I did this with the notion that everyone can use a little love in their lives. You don't necessarily have to be in love to need love in your life. Do you know what I mean? The ribbon is adjustable; it can be untied to be made smaller or bigger. I wood burned the word love and also the heart and arrow. If the jewels ever fall off you still have the heart there. I love this because it's just a reminder to keep love in your life and look for love all around.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Butterfly Dream Box

As I promised here is the preview of the box. The pictures are a bit blurry and so is the video of the box. Forgive me for that. The camera is a bit old. I hope that in the near future I am able to get a new one.

I wanted to make it feminine and I think I accomplished that. I wood burned three butterflies on the sides and also burned three words on the sides of the lid which say Wish, Believe and Dream. I just need to add the finishing touch inside the little compartment at the top. I think I might put a special message inside but I'm trying to decide on that.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Working Hard

I've been working hard on a few projects that I have. If it seems like I'm not posting anything it's because I want to create some things so that I can show everyone. I have a few things done already that I love so much. I created a butterfly dream box which I will show you tomorrow so visit me tomorrow. Can you tell I love butterflies?

Have an excellent night everyone ^_^

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Journal Giveaway!

I just thought I would let everyone know that there is this wonderful journal giveaway from littleblackkitty definitely go and check it out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Daughter Turned 2 Yesterday!

My daughter turned 2 yesterday. We had a small dinner for her, just her grandparents and two of her aunts and of course me and her daddy. We had a blast and she loves her presents. We gave her a Dora doll and she loves that. She also got a stuffed Winnie the Pooh that came with a blanket. She used the blanket last night and slept with the Dora doll. Experiencing these moments is the best thing in the world. I love it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Remembering My Friend

I Feel Lost

I feel lost without a feeling,
Crying I don’t know why,
It is just the way I feel when I die,
My favorite Feeling, I have inside,
Going insane, having no one to blame,
Without, a feeling of concern inside knowing I should
Even though I’m dead, I don’t know why I still feel

~Claudia Magaña

I was thinking about my friend Claudia. She wrote this poem years ago, I think she may have written it when she was in 8th grade. You can see the sadness and pain of her words. This poem gets me emotional sometimes because I know how her life was then, how she was treated by her own parents and sisters. She was treated like crap just because she was overweight. I knew the sadness of her life. She was angry with her father before she died because he was in jail or prison. whichever it was, for making a poor choice. She wanted to have a quinceñera but since her father made a mistake she wasn't going to be able to have one. She told me she hated him for that.

She was buried in her dress. I saw her there, pale and stiff. She was very much dead. She didn't look like she was sleeping at all. She finally got her wish to wear her quinceñera dress. I couldn't take it, I leaned in and hugged her. I didn't want to let go. I don't know who it was that grabbed me and took me to sit down but they did. My best friend was dead, I didn't want to believe it, I wanted her to get up. She was too young to die, only 15 years old. Her older sister was driving the car that night. They were driving on the back roads on their way home from the fair. Supposedly her sister saw a rabbit in the road and swerved instead of running it over. The car did a complete 180 into a telephone poll. My friend was in the rear passenger side that took all the impact. They couldn't save her at the hospital.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack is our new President

I'm overwhelmed, I don't know what to do. Should I yell? Jump up and down? What? Wow I can't believe it. I was so nervous because I knew this was going to be close. I'm so happy. I'm still going to keep watching the news I still have to see the local measures here in California.

I have so much butterflies in my stomach right now. I AM HAPPY ^_^.

I Voted

That's right, I voted. I always do. I have never understood those people who don't go vote. That was the best part of turning 18;being able to vote.

You know what always upsets me is when people complain about policies or presidents. I think to myself "you shouldn't care since you didn't vote". I'm not saying people aren't entitled to their opinion but if you don't vote you can't really complain. Imagine how many people are out there not voting. Well maybe if they had voted things would be different.

I like voting. Even if what I vote for doesn't pass at least I tried to do something by voting.
I hope people who are able to vote, go vote.