Thursday, September 18, 2008

Old Works

Here are some projects I did in high school. I was in high school 2000-2004 so these are a bit old.

Aztec dancers unfinished as you can see.

Blind Faith
(A lot of symbolism here, religion is in the middle, man is like a cross. In the clouds is love. Another form of blind faith)
I just made this for the blue hair.

We were asked in our art class to make something that represented ourselfelves. So this is what I came up that represented me at the time. I felt that I couldn't escape and people were just trying to take me into the unknown. Teenage angts lol. The black wasn't originally on there, got on there when I scanned my project. It's just a big mouth.

Afghan man cries when he sees his house destroyed when the U.S. started the attacks in Afghanistan. I saw this in a newspaper and I new it was a perfect opportunity for me to draw this emotion. I cried when I saw this picture. You see that other head there, well that's his son that he was holding in his arms. I didn't do a good job on the son but the father was copied very well.

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Jesse Mendez said...

Hi darling,

I absolutely love this azteca piece. I want to see more...

your friend