Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Break

So winter break is officially here for me. I am looking for something to do while I am on vacation from school. I had this wonderful thought, blog again.
(='.'=) <---------A cute bunny for everyone.

I'm hoping I write a few things on my blog.

I always end up wanting to do too much at once that I never finish doing some things that I want to do. My plans so far for this winter break: read, draw, paint and blog. We will see how it all works out for me.


Jesse N.M. said...

Hi there,

I am glad you're back, I was worried that maybe life took you away...LOL

Yes painting and reading and all that stuff sounds cool....!


RyoJul said...

Hi Jesse.

Ah yes life! LOL. It actually did take me away from quite some time. Pero aqui estoy y espero que siga escribiendo creo que me va hacer un bien.

I'm glad you took time to read my little post and thank you. :)