Monday, January 3, 2011

Books and Stuff

I finished a book I had started reading before fall semester started. I finished this the first week of my break. It's called Starting Out in the Evening it's by Brian Morton. I did not have much left and after a while of not having read it I thought I would not remember anything but it all came back to me. The ending disappointed me as do many endings in the books. I just never want some to end. I usually want to know what happens next. I get very involved as was the case with this book.

You know that saying never judge a book by its cover? Well it is true but I do it anyway. The book has to have an interesting cover or title for it to grab my attention. I think it is very crucial for me. Once it has my attention I pick it up and read the summary if I'm not satisfied with that I end up reading a couple of the first pages. Many good books have found their way to me like that. Like the current book I am reading, Midnight Birds. I bought it at the book sale the library on campus was having. A good looking book, smells old, and seems full of promise. I will have to get a picture of it so I can post it.

I have a few other books that I "plan" on reading. We will see if I get to them all. I do not have that many but one is big and a hard read.

Now as for the stuff I have going on besides the books I am organizing things in my room. I have moved furniture around and I'm thinking about doing it again. I have a lot of cleaning to do. Organizing my closet etc. That is always fun (not). It is something that must get done because when school comes around I will feel like doing it even less. Fingers crossed that I get into gear and finish my cleaning.

Oh one more thing that I wanted to mention. I have been thinking for a while about starting another blog. That does not mean I am going to stop this one but the other one is going to be different from this. I will not say what it will be about because I'm not sure if I will or will not do it yet.

You all have an excellent day!
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