Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun Group Drawing Assignment

My drawing teacher gave us a fun and interesting drawing assignment. It was to be completed in class. She went around and gave each one of us a square. We were to draw what was on the square to scale on a much bigger paper. Some things you couldn't even tell what they were and others you could. We ended up doing two different ones and here are the results.

My drawing is the last one on the right at the bottom row. It is interesting to see how it all came together. This one is my favorite of the two.

This second one was more interesting. It did not fit well together as the other one did. We all wondered why it was. The first one was a painting and this one was a picture of two people a man and a woman from a magazine. We seemed to have a harder time on this one for some reason. My drawing on this one is on the second to bottom row the last drawing on the right(5th drawing from the left) if that makes more sense.

It was fun and even better to see everything come together to reveal the big picture which we did not know how it looked beforehand.

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