Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank You Firefighters, From California!

Lately I've been thinking how blessed we are that no fires have broken out in the area we live in. I'm glad it hasn't happened. Yesterday on my way to visit my parents, I saw a long line of fire trucks one right after the other. I'm sure they were at least 10 trucks. They came from Beverly Hills CA and Davis CA. Davis isn't so far from where I live but Beverly Hills is hella far. Anyway those firefighters and all the rest of the firefighters have to drive so far to get to Concow and Paradise. It must be a grueling trip for them to have to endure and then fight fires. What do they do to fight time? Do they play cards? Watch dvd's on a portable dvd player? It would be so boring just to have to sit there all the way.

On a more serious note, many of you might have heard that there has already been one fatality in Concow, yes the fires have claimed a victim which is so sad. I just hope the people who have not listened to authorities now see the magnitude of the fires and evacuate so there are no more casualties. I just want these fires to end. It's so horrible. It's just awful to see all that suffering.

Every week that I have gone to visit my family in Live Oak and Gridley I have seen fire trucks either going to or coming from the Paradise and Concow areas where the fires have been burning. Every single time I see them I think " Thank you, for helping." What more can I say? I'm grateful that we have men and women who choose this profession.

I am not forgetting the fires in the bay area. I'm not sure if those are contained or not. I have not forgotten the men and women fighting those fires either. I thank them as well. I thank all the men and women who are fighting the fires all across the state of California those include those who have come from different states to aid in battling those fires.

THANK YOU! For helping to protect us.

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