Friday, October 17, 2008


That's one big turkey.
Aghhh! We're going to get eaten by a giant pumpkin!
A lot of people go and paint the lovely scene of pumpkins at the farm.
There are signs posted with trivia in the corn maze so you don't get bored.
Closeup of some pumpkins. I had so much fun yesterday. We went on a family trip to a local pumpkin farm as a family. It was wonderful. A lot of walking and a lot to see. My daughter enjoyed herself a lot, I don't think quite as much as her parents, but she still enjoyed being out. We bought many good things such as freshly made pumpkin pie from their bakery, pumpkin butter(this is so yummy), freshly made apple cider; let me tell you IT'S FRESH, you can taste it, and last but not least two pumpkins. My husband picked out a big pumpkin and my daughter picked out a baby pumpkin just like herself.
It's good to utelize the local activities you have in your area. You don't have to go so far to have fun. In my case it was about 35-40 mins away from where I live. It's not that long a drive. We actually have 2 pumpkin farms close to our area that are approximately the same distance apart. The only difference is one is south of here(the one we went to) and the other is north of here. I've never been to that one before. The one they took us on a field trip when I was younger was the one we visited yesterday. So many things have changed from when I went as a child. The only thing I remebered about it was a slide.
The thing I liked the most was watching the pig race. The only thing I dissliked about it was that it was too short for me. It was fun watching the pigs race and jump over the obstacles. The best part my pig won the race. His name was Green Eggs n' Ham and he won he he. Lots of family fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi darling butterfly!

It is soo nice to read about a good time with family and kids and nice husband and a big turkey lol

I use to have a family. Two kids, big house in Colorado, two cars, nice wife, but I was soo miserable. I guess some people are not meant to be with anyone.

I am glad you are happy and safe, remember me okay? I am your art friend. tata amiga!

Anonymous said...

Wow you must be busy with family or holloweeeeeen???

I hope you stay in touch....