Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lunch: Huevos con Tortillas y Salsa Valentina

This is what I had for lunch today two eggs with tortillas and some hot sauce. Simple meal that tastes so good when you add extras like the hot sauce. I like Valentina hot sauce because their hot sauce isn't as spicy as the Tapatio hot sauce. They do have another one that's spicier but the original is just right for me. If I do eat Tapatio hot sauce I will only use a drop or two on my food and test it, if it's not spicy enough then I'll add more. It's just too spicy for me.

I must admit that when it comes to spicy things I am a big chicken. Even though supposedly because I am Mexican I'm supposed to like Spicy things. That's just one stereotype that does not apply. I don't like to eat fresh chiles. Lots of people like doing that but I don't really do that unless they're sliced and I'm going to be eating them on nachos or on a sandwich where there will be lots of other flavors to balance out the spiciness a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for your comments and friendship. I do like the way we're becoming art people--peeps.

So I hope you will embrace that suggestion I wrote to you about.

Huevos con Tortillas Y Salsa Valentina? What is the valentina about?

So I can relate with the eggs and some slight salsa, and a tortilla. Nothing beats a simple meal like that when you are hungry.

Thanks for the nice post, keep it up. bye... Jesse

LisaLectura*creations said...

Yummy lunch! I don't like it when it is too spicy either. I can't take the heat. Also, your magnets are really cool!

Lisa :)

RyoJul said...

Jesse what do you mean what's the valentina about? I can't handle the Tapatio salsa so I used my favorite salsa, salsa Valentina. Oh and what suggestion are you talking about I'm not sure.

RyoJul said...

Hi lisa thank you for your comment. I'm glad you like the magnets.

Anonymous said...

The post where I created the painting for my psychiatrist, you commented that it made you feel a certain way, well if you read the comment I created for you; it will answer your question about the suggestion.

It is about art.

I hope you will comment soon,