Friday, December 5, 2008

Gift for Jesse from The Art of Jesse

Finally I am able to show you what I made for Jesse I made him a plaque. I will show you some pictures of the process.

I drew the design and then I started working with the wood burning pen.

Added some leaves to the vines.

I then added some words. It's the name of Jesse's blog.

I added color with some watercolor pencils. I wanted the plaque to pop. Then I stained the whole plaque except for the back of course. It's a light color because I didn't want the colors to be muted by a dark wood stain. Wood stain stinks so bad. I didn't have a face mask =( so I sniffed some fumes. It really sucked. I even worked on this outside but the fumes were really strong. After a couple of hours of drying time I brought the plaque inside and then I put it near a window so the smell could go out the window. The next day I sealed it with Krylon Kamar Varnish. I added multiple coats until the plaque was to my liking. Varnish has to be used in a well ventilated area because it's smelly as hell. I always apply varnish outside because it stinks so much. Oh one more thing that I forgot to mention was that I nailed on a sawtooth hanger on the back so Jesse can hang it on the wall. I want him to be able to hang it where ever he likes.

I made this card for Jesse and I wrote him a little note. I wanted to let him know why I chose to make a heart for him. If you know his art you know that he makes a lot of broken hearts. I wanted to give him a heart that wasn't broken so it could heal his heart if it needs healing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,

I want to thank you so much for creating this art for me. I thought for sure you used lacquer and yes Varnish is completely extreme like wood stain. I sell it by the oceans and occasionally modify it color so I know, less the other alkyd based and lacquer or MLK solvents... no wonder I'm crazy...LOL LOL

But seriously, that card was the sweetest and I did not post it becuase it touched me very deeply. Thank you for the love and for being such an awesome art colleague of mine. Would you be interested in participating in my private art blog? If you agree I will send you an e-mail invitation when you get your system running Okay???????

let me know, and yes you are getting a four piece series personal collection for your love and kindness.... :)


RyoJul said...

Thank you so much I would be honored to join and participate in your private art blog. The reason I didn't use lacquer was because I still had some varnish. I know I'll get completely different efects from them. I wasn't sure how lacquer would have an effect on the paint so I wanted to be safe than sorry.