Friday, December 5, 2008

Trying out new things

I just thought I'd share my experience with you. Yesterday I tried out the google tool where you can translate a page. Naturally I chose my own blog to translate. I translated it from English to Spanish. I give this tool an F because if someone tried it actually believing it's going to work there in for a big surprise. Well they may not know it. I don't recommend any of those sites that translate phrases unless you understand the language you are translating from and to because if you are using it for school or work there is a great possibility that it will be WRONG! I've tried it so many times if I didn't know both Spanish and English I would have gotten so many things wrong for school. The translation tools translate phrases literally, the thing is that in Spanish or in any other language it may not mean the same thing.

So when I translated my blog extra words were added that weren't even there and none of my sentences made sense. An occasional two words put together made sense maybe a little more. I don't really remember because I did this yesterday. I was curious to see how it would look and now I know.

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Anonymous said...


I use the translator tool from Google and it works really well. I installed the Google toolbar on my internet explorer software and I love it.

I have been able to travel to Europe literally and highlight a paragraph and translate it from to and the same here.

I hope you can find a good translator for your system, they are not perfect, but really it is the main idea that matters and it touches lives if you are interesting like us....
ciao baby